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Q: How do I get on your schedule?
A: Return your signed contract and deposit to us and you will be placed on our schedule in the order it was received. We work on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: How does the weather factor in?
A: The cleaning and preparatory work can be done in just about any weather. We require dry weather to apply the finish and temperatures above 40 degrees.

Q: Do you protect surrounding vegetation?
A: Yes, we will take every precaution possible to minimize any damage to the surroundings. Small plants and/or flowers that immediately surround the areas being worked on might get disrupted, but nothing will be killed.

Q: Do I need to be home while you are here?
A: No, We work on many secondary homes and primary homes without the homeowners present. In some cases we will require access to the home and that will be prearranged.

Q: Will you be using our water and electricity?
A: Yes, we will require access to your outside water spigots and electricity.

Q: Do you offer carpentry services?
A: Yes, we have a team of professional carpenters that can handle all aspects of carpentry.



To check for log damage you can use this basic checklist:

  1. Hit logs and listen for hollow areas
  2. Take a knife and try to insert it into the log. If it goes in smoothly, you know then that log has a rotten spot
  3. Find logs that may look darker than others
  4. Logs with a lot of bug holes
  5. Logs with fungus growing on them

If you find any of the above to be true, contact us today for immediate assistance!


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