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We are the experienced professionals in pressure washing wood, brick and concrete. We use high pressure cleaning with steam. Like any form of preventative maintenance, regular pressure washing helps preserve the peak appearance of your masterpiece. For cedar logs unfinished, weathered logs, low-pressure washing is used to remove UV damage, mildew and mold, preparing them for our special blend of brightener to restore the wood’s natural beauty. Meanwhile, older and failed finishes are chemically removed before the logs are properly dried, protected and professionally prepared to accept a stain finish that will brighten the logs and bolster their long-term appearance.

Power washing and cleaning of log homes

Low Pressure Washing
Our low pressure washing solution with new construction or weathered logs that have turned grey and never had finish on them before are cleaned to remove UV damage, mildew, mold, and other contaminants. We then brighten the wood with our special blend of wood brightener to restore the log's natural color.

Cedar Care, Low pressure washing and restoration of log homes

Chemical Stripping
Older and failed finishes are chemically removed and then the PH of the logs are neutralized as well as brightened. Next comes the borate preservative treatment that protects against rot and insect infestation. After the logs have dried, we insure moisture levels are within acceptable ranges to accept the stain. To much moisture in the logs might enable premature failure.


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