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When staining your log home, every imperfection in the surface becomes magnified after stain is applied. We take a very careful look at each side before we begin the log staining to make sure we don't stain over something that should be removed.

Cedar Care, log home staining

Prep work is key. Prep is 80% of having a long-lasting finish. So that becomes our number one concern — giving you the BEST preparation possible, so that you achieve the beautiful end result that you are envisioning.

Cedar Care, log home restoration

With every log staining project we make sure to work with the run of the logs or siding, to make sure we don't get lap marks. We also make sure to apply the proper number of coats, even when the surface looks great after only one coat. The purpose of multiple coats is to build protection up to a sustainable level, not just to look good for a year and then fail.


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